So kind and attentive. Great dentist. Went beyond the call of duty to look after me. I highly recommend this wonderful dentist!

Kate Lydia

Very good experience and very helpful staff

Diletta Gigli

Dr. Moqadem, is the best dentist in the world! She works really fast, has an excellent bedside manner, is extremely confident and well skilled. After having a lifetime of horrible experiences with dentists in America, my husband and I discovered Dr. Moqadem and I told my family about her. My mom flew 4,000 miles from the US to have Dr. Moqadem do all her dental work and she changed my moms life! For anyone who has serious dental problems, you know how it can affect you when you don’t have confidence in your smile. Dr. Moqadem is an absolute Godsend.

Not only does she do incredible work, but I would strongly recommend her for medical tourism as well. Her prices for dental work are much more affordable than those in the US and are of much better quality. She has all the modern equipment in her office for x-rays etc, can make you temporary teeth while you wait for your permanents to come in, which she gets from a great professional lab right down the street. I really can’t say enough good about Dr. Moqadem, our whole family swears by her and we highly recommend her to everyone we know!

Naima N Tivon